Reiki is a light hands-on or hands-off energy healing modality. Usui is the most common form practiced and is in the Japanese lineage.

Reiki translates as universal life-force energy. It uses the reality that all matter is energy, constantly shifting form. It is always running through us and around us but sometimes those channels get blocked or we become disconnected from this flow. When we receive Reiki, it is like a homecoming for the soul, a remembering of how peaceful and complete our true nature is.

The concept of Reiki is similar to Qi or Prana in that there are meridians or pathways that energy flows along. When this energy is blocked, we have dis-ease. When we can get it back to our normal flow, we feel better.

Benefits of receiving reiki include stress relief and pain reduction. Receivers may also experience emotional or intellectual breakthroughs. Post session, a general sense of well-being while feeling one has worked through something is common. 

Reiki is performed with the receiver fully dressed and the therapy can be done hands-off if there is discomfort with physical touch. 

Preet Royce

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