Nathalie Blitz


After over a decade of hands on experience and different trainings, I developed my own blend and style of practice which many seem to respond well to. I welcome people who are concerned with their weight, body image issues, vitality and stress levels, women’s health concerns, and experts of yo-yo dieting.

My body work clients receive Pre & Post natal treatments, some will come see me to increase their flexibility and range of motion, others are recovering from various injuries.

Coaching is not a job, its my calling and I take it seriously. Having dealt with my own health and weight concerns, I really understand how satisfying it is to find the right balance between theory and life. I was searching and experimenting with different diets and philosophies of eating until I found my own oasis. Its an awesome feeling to find that balance and I am here to help you find yours.

If you can relate to any of these issues above or thoughts on the bottom, know that you are not alone and that I am here to help.

* No time to cook real food
* I’ve tried all diets and still cant reach my perfect weight
* Dont know how to cook

Anyone interested in achieving a healthy balance in their life or looking to enhance their yoga practice and/or seeking deep relaxation are welcomed!