Cara Gilman


Yoga has taught me how to heal myself. As a runner and active athlete, my mind is constantly telling me to sweat more, to push more and to see more results. After completing seven marathons in five years, this mindset only got my body so far. I was completely burned out physically and mentally. That’s when yoga came into my life. I discovered it at my local gym and fell in love. I was able to sweat, breathe and create a different rythmn with my body that was nurturing yet challenging at the same time. As I began a more regular practice, I quickly learned how to balance my ego, dig deep into my body and let my mind go. In my yoga, there are no finish lines. There are no personal records. There are no gold medals. There is only a mat, my breath and a connection between my mind and body, and that’s all I need. This mindset is what I bring to each class I teach.

My classes will challenge you to breathe and to move in way that feels good to your body and mind; guiding you through creative heat building sequences that focus on linking every movement with breath. My teaching is influenced by the following yoga teachers who I have had the honor to train with and inspire me everyday: Bonnie Argo, Chanel Luck, Lynne Begier, Sage Rountree, Seane Corn and Shiva Rea.