Kristina Clemons


 I am a life long lover of expression through movement beginning as a classically trained dancer. For me, moving physically is a way to connect to something below the surface and tap into a deeper intelligence. I began practicing yoga in 2004 while living in New York City and have been a dedicated student since then. Kula Yoga Project was my "home" in NYC where I spent several years soaking up smart vinyasa from Schuyler Grant (and many other talented Kula teachers); I eventually found Iyengar yoga through Nikki Costello who became my teacher and mentor. I have been teaching since 2010 and have a 500hr certification (with Nikki Costello). I've recently completed training as a Physiyoga Global teacher which is a 100hr advanced anatomy course blending physical therapy techniques with yoga in order to both prevent and rehab injury. 

With 1,000 hours of combined training in yoga and Ayurveda, my classes are a blend of that learning; I combine functional movement, thoughtful sequencing, and rhythmic breath. My hope is that you might find your own inner intelligence through the physical movement of yoga. As Iyengar says, "It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity."