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The Core Connection: Functional Engagement, Integration into Movement, and Deep Release

The Core Connection

Functional Engagement, Integration into Movement, and Deep Release

With Kristina Clemons

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Understanding and skillfully engaging our center, our core, can literally change the way we move through the world - improving our posture, our balance, and our breath. While the more surface abdominal muscles generally get more attention, the deepest core stabilizer (transverse abdominis) will be the target. By isolating and strengthening the deeper layers of the core, you will be able to quiet the muscles that otherwise overcompensate, relieving strain in the neck, back or hips. This workshop invites you to dive deeper into your center, tuning into the subtlety, precision, and power involved in a well-functioning core. Abdominal crunches are not part of the game plan. Instead, we will challenge familiar postures and use props in creative ways to enhance our awareness and connection between the upper and lower body. After full engagement comes full release, dedicating the end of class to unwinding tension in the abdomen and finding rest with a soft supple belly.  All levels are welcome!

$25 through June 8th, $30 after.