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The Vessel: A Workshop with Alison Sinatra

The Vessel

Join Alison Sinatra for workshop to explore the body as a vessel for connection - with yourself, with each other, with spirit. Alison will guide a full asana practice that incorporates and weaves together her yogic studies, breathwork as well as her studies of indigenous ways, prayer, healing. From both the yoga teachings and indigenous teachings that Alison has pursued, we are understood to be channels of connection for the earth and the heavens. When we cultivate clarity of mind, health of body, and fullness of heart, our speech and actions in the world reflect this. Using our practice on the mat with asana and conscious breathing as tools, we are invited to allow the effects ripple outward toward life off the mat - resolving negativity of mind and increasing our connections with all things.

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A L I S O N   S I N A T R A  has been teaching for 20 years. She spent many of those years at Kula Yoga Project, Tribeca. She is faculty for the Boston Yoga School. Alison has been leading women's groups for as long as she has been teaching. She also created a new healing event called Return of the Queen for 50+ women. Alison lives in Upstate New York and when she is not teaching is making soup for her intuitive hubby and children.

Investment | $35 through October 12; $40 after