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The Banded Basics with Giulia Pline


Learn the basics of controlled mobility: how to control your end range, create stability in a variety of common yoga poses and movements, and develop tension within your body using your own deep stability system. There will be isolated core work, exploration and execution of "basic" yoga postures that are practiced in almost every Vinyasa or Hatha style class (ex: tadasana, down dog, plank), and emphasis on stacking the body/bones for optimal function and efficiency in movement and breathing. Using resistance bands as props for our poses, we will shed awareness and light to the areas in which we are underworking, or even disconnected to, using the reference point of the bands for our own tensegrity.

This workshops is open to all levels and are a fun and innovative way to explore and learn how to use your body differently, IMMEDIATELY. All props and bands will be provided on site.

$35 through March 15th / $40 thereafter


As a B.F.A Dance major at The Boston Conservatory, Giulia began practicing yoga to supplement her dance training. Fast forward a few years and injuries later, she began more extensive studies in anatomy and physiology and how it links to movement. She left the dance and performing world behind, but infuses its knowledge, detail, somatic awareness, and passion into her work.
Giulia is a Kula Yoga Project teacher in NYC, a Threes Physiyoga Method teacher (a method that merges physical therapy with yoga), and a FRC Mobility Specialist.
Giulia’s teaching is a creative melting pot of yoga & pranayama, corrective exercise, and functional mobility work. Her love of movement, discovering and unravelling the web of the human body in an anatomically holistic way, and creating space for discernment and growth is the hallmark of her teaching.

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