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The Luminous Mind: A workshop with Kevin Courtney

In the tantric hatha yoga tradition it’s taught that when you ignite the fire of the Sun (the solar plexus) the natural result is seeing the luminous reflection of the moon (the mind). In other words - concentrate heat in the abdomen and the movement of mind will grow still and radiant.
Join Kevin Courtney for this practice focusing on uddiyana bandha kriya and mula bandha
throughout standing postures, twists, and forward folds and see how consciously directing yourvital energy can lead to a deep state of awakened and radiant stillness.

Early Bird: $40 through 3/11. $45 thereafter. 


K E V I N   C O U R T N E Y  For the last two decades Kevin has dedicated his life to the pursuit of awakening consciousness by focusing on strength, energy cultivation, and mental clarity.  He draws from the teachings of
yoga, qi gong, meditation, vedanta and tantra philosophies to meet that end.  Kevin contributes annually to the Bonnaroo Music Festival and has offered at Envision,
Wanderlust and the Burning Man Arts Festival. His work has been featured in Well + Good,
Vogue Magazine, VICE, and The New York Times and most recently Kevin joined the faculty of Gaia offering asana, meditation, and philosophy classes online at