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Handstand Intensive Weekend: Beginner to Advanced


This weekend provides the opportunity to learn a unique and progressive arm balancing method to increase strength and steadiness while standing on your hands. This methodology was developed by international hand balance master Miguel Sant’ana, focusing entirely on safely advancing the practice of handstands.

April 9th, 3pm - 5pm


This workshop starts with a discussion of the detailed actions involved in achieving a straight handstand. Covering the body’s alignment from fingers to toes, while paying close attention to the use of our breath and core strength. (Taking notes is encouraged.)

Stepping onto our mats we will be lead through a series of stretches to warm up the body's flexibility, mobility, and strength; focusing heavily on shoulders and wrists. 

Helping to build each students’ confidence in standing upside down, beginners will receive all the steps needed in progressing to a straight free handstand. More advanced students will have the opportunity to discuss and learn variations such as; press to handstand, jump to handstand, and one arm. There is something for everyone — beginners and advanced alike!

After a series of handstands, class ends with an outline of a unique core strengthening sequence to help support an inversions practice. 4 minutes a day will provide all the core strength that you need. 

Cost: $50

April 10th, 1:30pm - 3pm


With all the foundations covered in the first workshop, this class is designed to reinforce what you have learned and further increase your inverted capabilities.

Class will begin with preparing the body for inversions with specific stretches, core strengthening and breathwork.  We will then fine tune how to maintain the straight-line alignment of a handstand, how to enter/exit a handstand most efficiently, and how to assist someone into a handstand. Expect a serious handstand workout both at the wall and in the center of the room. 

Prerequisite: you must have taken at least one workshop with Brianna in the past. 

COST: $35


Brianna Peterson Magly

Brianna is the only apprentice qualified to teach this unique arm balancing method created by international hand balance master, Miguel Sant’ana. Having been Miguel's understudy for more than 1000 hours, Brianna had the knowledge to teach far beyond her own physical capabilities. Being able to pick up on the finer details of the body is key in their straight alignment method. 

A Northern California native, Brianna has been traveling internationally for the last 4 years, accumulating various yoga practices and theories along the way. While in New Zealand she linked up with Miguel Sant'ana and fell head over heels (literally) for the art of hand balance. As she is currently traveling in and around the states, this is a unique opportunity to have her at our studio!

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