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Conscious Clarity: Standing Rock Fundraiser

Conscious Clarity:
Standing Rock Fundraiser

with Yona FrenchHawk and Carolyn Little

Carolyn Little and Yona French Hawk, a Cherokee elder, will lead us through ceremony, song, and story telling. We will use the medicine of Cedar, an evergreen that offers us the essence of being ever vigilant and aware, to call on the depths of our truth and awaken the clarity needed to consciously create ourselves and the world in which we exist.

May this clarity guide you, in a good way, into a New Year. 

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring an item to place on the altar to be blessed. You will take this item with you at the end.

About Yona FrenchHawk:
Yona FrenchHawk is a Full-Blooded Cherokee Wisdom Keeper and Ceremonialist that was born and raised on the Qualla Indian Boundary located in the Great Smoky Mountains in Cherokee, NC. Also known as the Cherokee Indian Reservation. He grew up in harmony with the land gathering wild greens, roots for basket dyes, fishing, trapping and learning the ways of his ancestors. There are less than 300 Full-Blooded Cherokee that remain who speak and write the Cherokee Language out of a documented 30,000 enrolled members in the federally recognized Eastern Band of North Carolina and Western Band of Oklahoma. To keep this tradition alive.

Yona is honored to journey the bridge from the ancient past to the ancient future which is in constant need of support. Yona is a well respected ceremonial leader and shares the meaning of the Sweat Lodge ceremony as a way of life as it was shared with him by his Grandfather. Yona's Great, Great, Grandfather, Yonaguska, was Chief of the Cherokee during the time of The Trail of Tears. And led the remaining Cherokee to hide in the mountains from the armies looking to move them west. 

Much like his historic ancestors, Yona shares in the vision of the Cherokee Prophecy, alive in today’s Seventh Generation. This generation is the core essence of all the generations that have come before and connects us all as indigenous people to represent one tribe. We are all one indigenous tribe of the Turtle Island. 

Yona also offers individual sessions to assist in being present in one’s current journey while simultaneously connecting with ancestral healing. Helping to connect with their roots to truly live an organic green way of life. And embrace the legacy of connecting cultures by understanding what fruit to bear according to our roots. 

Donations range between $20 - $40 when signing up

$15 of your payment will go to Yona to help cover his flight cost. 100% of anything above $15 will go directly to Standing Rock.