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Intro to Uddiyana Bandha


Intro to Uddiyana Bandha with Kristina Clemons

The elusive upward flying abdominal lock, or uddiyana bandha, is said to be the "lion that slays the elephant of death". Need we say more?

The subtle work of uddiyana bandha has a long list of benefits including: improving circulation to the abdominal organs, aiding in digestion and elimination, and relieving many forms of low back pain just to name a few. 

We'll spend this workshop exploring how to transition this abdominal work from a neat yogi trick to a meaningful personal practice. You will learn the body mechanics of what needs to engage and release (hint: belly softening is key!), and get some basic anatomy down to understand why what we're doing is beneficial. We'll also explore the deeper energetics of the bandha, the movement of prana, and tie everything together in active intention filled practice.  
- At least 1 year of regular practice is recommended.
- This workshop is not advised if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, or glaucoma. 
-  Ideally allow for 2 hours after eating lightly.