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The Art of the Class – A Mentorship Program for Teachers of Yoga

Yoga Teacher Mentorship With Daniel Max and Tim Kelleher

This program is designed to support those who have graduated a teacher training and are seeking guidance in advancing their teaching skills.  

When you step into the teacher’s seat, you enter a whole new dimension of practice. Now, you have to articulate cues rather than listen to them. You must see the whole room rather than a single drishti point. Things you took for granted in your own practice like knowing how to keep the arms straight, must now be transmitted to students. 

Guiding a room full of yogis means that you not only have to speak clearly but also listen and watch at what is happening in the room. Paying attention to see if what you are saying is being received. If it is not, how do you adapt your teaching to fit the needs of those in front of you?

Moving to the next level of your teaching is a multifaceted process that involves learning how to transform your greatest influences as a student to your own inspirations as a teacher. 

Topics we will cover during mentorship are:

Develop an authentic teaching voice
- Cultivate your own teaching style. One that is informed by your teachers yet reflects your intention and unique personality. 
- Refine the clarity and precision of your cues
- Move from leading poses to teaching yoga

Advanced Sequencing
- Scale an “All-Levels” class to truly reflect all levels of students
- Adapt your sequence accordingly to the needs of the students in the room
- Construct a class that offers a meaningful experience for your students

Yoga philosophy - in particular the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
- Further your understanding of the yoga sutras and how they apply to your life
- Weave yoga philosophy into your classes in a relatable manner
- Have an opportunity to learn to lead classical chants and mantras

Next level anatomy
- Proper application of functional anatomy when sequencing
- Learn precise anatomical cues that your students can understand and apply

Nuts and bolts
- Entrepreneurship, avoiding burnout, and branding.
- Creating marketable workshops
- Navigating the professional environment.

During our time together, expect a mix of lecture, practice, teaching and group learning. There will be additional homework outside of our sessions as well. In addition to 20 hours together, each student will receive one hour private session with either Tim or Daniel to work on individual issues in asana or further personal feedback on teaching. 

September 17th, 1-6pm
October 22nd, 1-6pm
November 19th, 1-6pm
December 17th, 1-6pm

PRICE: $750