Dates: June 1-8 2018

Join Daniel in Israel, his country of origin, to experience the beauty of the land and richness of its history, while witnessing firsthand some of the complexities of life in this region.

We will be staying in a guest house in the village of Beit Oren which sits upon a hill, adjacent to a national park, overlooking the Mediterranean sea. During our stay we will be practicing yoga each morning and evening, with a more rigorous morning practice and restorative evening session. The rest of the day leaves ample time to explore nearby cities and countryside. 

There are sand beaches to lounge on and national forestry to hike through. You will have plenty of time to drive along the scenic roads of Northern Israel to visit cities like Nazareth (known as the childhood home of Jesus), Tiberias (which resides on the shores of the Sea of Galilee), Safed (home to a large Kabalistic community and thriving artist’s colony), and many more points of interest. Tour local wineries or olive groves along the way. One day of our trip will be reserved for visiting Jerusalem and one day will be spent in Tel Aviv (our time in Tel Aviv coincides with Pride week.)

The city of Haifa, home of the beautiful gardens of the Bahá'í World Centre is at the foothills of where we will be staying. Haifa is the third biggest city in Israel and probably the one most successful in inhabiting coexisting Arabs and Jews. You will be able to tour cities with a Jewish majority, cities with an Arab majority (Muslim or Christian, depending where you are), and villages of other ethnic minorities such as the Druze. When in Jerusalem you can wonder the markets of the old city and visit sites such as The Church Of The Holy Sepulcher, The Western (Wailing) Wall, and The Dome of The Rock. 

The country’s diversity is unfortunately matched by conflict. Some places you will see heightened security that Israel implements as precautionary self-defense. Other places you will witness the constraints that Palestinians regularly endure due to Israel’s governing and dividing barriers. This retreat is intended to provide you with an enjoyable vacation, while also providing an opportunity to experience  the regional realities from which you can establish your own conclusions.

Daily Schedule

7-8am coffee and light breakfast
8-9:45am yoga
10-11 brunch
free time
5:30-7pm yoga
7pm dinner

Weekly Schedule

Friday: afternoon arrival. Retreat begins with dinner. 
Saturday and Sunday: Yoga twice a day with ample time for local activities.
Monday: After a morning yoga practice we will head to Tel Aviv for the day. 
Tuesday: Yoga twice a day with ample time for local activities.
Wednesday: Taking a day of rest from our yoga practice, we will depart for a day in Jerusalem.
Thursday: Yoga twice a day with ample time for local activities. Retreat ends Thursday night.
Friday AM: Check out by 11am

Pricing Per Person

Triple room: $1600
Double room: $1800
Single room:  $2100
10% of profit will be donated to organizations protecting human right in Palestinian territories. 


Cars: Renting a car or riding with fellow retreaters is your best bet for making the most of your trip. If renting your own car designate a minimum of $250 for the week. If you are not with a car, we will make sure to have enough vehicles to get people around on days of travel. 

Flights: Plan to arrive in Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Intenational Airport between 2-4pm on June 1st if you would like to drive up as a group. You can otherwise make your way to the retreat center anytime after 3pm. There are currently many flight option to choose from, some of which include: El Al  (the only direct flight) and Air France land mid-day and Alitalia and Turkish Airlines land later in the evening.