There is no one like you in the entire world. Everything about you is unique. Your body, like you, has its own individual needs and interests. We’re here to help you discover what works best for YOU.

Our Approach: No one diet is suited for all: There is no single way of eating that is right for everyone. We will focus on finding the healthiest food and lifestyle choices to suit your specific needs. Most diets today do not recognize the individuality of our bodies and lifestyles. Your age, your level of physical activity, the rate of your metabolism, your body’s natural size and shape, even your ancestry plays a role in your bio-individuality. This is why we look at all diets; learning from each of them what is true and right for you.

Taking it slow: Unlike other programs, you are not expected to change your eating habits all at once. Sudden deprivation and denial does not work. The more eating habits and cravings are repressed, the more powerful they become; eventually causing people to “fall off the diet wagon.” Quick fixes do not help you achieve life-long health and happiness. Based on your needs, we will gradually introduce new and healthy foods and activities into your lifestyle. As you start to feel better, these healthy habits will naturally remain with you, and will crowd out the less healthful ones.

Everything is food: In our holistic approach to health, body and soul are linked. Fun, excitement, a love of life; these are the driving forces of well being. If you are depressed or your self-esteem is low, you may adopt unhealthy habits to alleviate or suppress your true hungers in life. You eat, but are not satisfied. We often look to the refrigerator when we avoid looking into ourselves. The foods that most nourish us, don’t always come on a plate. Finding greater spiritual purpose, being inspired by your career, enjoying physical activity, feeling fulfilled in your relationships – these are the foundation of nutrition. If you are unsatisfied, you may be eating in unhealthy ways to alleviate or suppress your true hungers. When the mind suffers, so does the body. But a healthy body can also help alleviate the suffering of the mind. Once you start to feel more vitality and health, other areas of your life improve, such as relationships, career and creativity. You will naturally begin to crave the foods and activities that make you feel better, and you will discover more motivation to make time for the truly important things in life.

The Purpose:

The purpose of your customized health counseling program is to radically improve your life, resolve concerns specific to you and your body, and provide you with tools for a lifetime of balance. We will work together to find the right foods and actions to create balance within your body as well as in the areas of your life that nourish you on the deepest levels. This unique approach provides meaningful, lasting results.

How Do We Begin?

During your initial consultation we will discuss your unique situation in depth and determine how to help you reach your personal goals. We will determine whether we are a good match and if this approach will work for you. This first session will demonstrate how a holistic, individualized approach can make a major difference in your life.

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Initial session: $100 (60 minute)