Alana Brennan

For over a decade, regardless of where I have been in the world, my yoga practice has not only given me the tools to adapt to new environments, but it has also been a direct and often immediate connection to a community that shares the same morals and values as me.

When I moved to Boston in 2006 to get my master’s in Public Health I started practicing Forrest Yoga intensely and eventually went on to complete the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training Course in 2007. I completed the Advanced Forrest Teacher Training in 2010 and 2015 and the Forrest Yoga Mentorship in 2015 and 2016 with Heidi Sormaz, owner of Fresh Yoga in New Haven, CT.

I have always felt that Forrest Yoga's strong focus on the connection between body, breath and consciousness has not only allowed me to work deeply in my own body, but has provided me with a solid foundation as a teacher to help guide my students in their own practice.

Students have described my classes, whether vinyasa or Forrest, as challenging and fun! I do my best to create an environment that plays by the yogic rules of mindful breathing, alignment and non-harming to the body that allows my students to shift not only physically but mentally at their own pace.

I recently finished my PhD in Epidemiology focused on HIV/AIDS research in sub-Saharan Africa, where I lived and worked from 2008 to 2011.

Alex Bauermeister


I am an ever-learning self-awareness junkie who strives to make the experience of being alive more joyful, safe and meaningful for all. I have had the privilege of over 1000 hours of training as a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and group facilitator, along with a decade of personal practice. My teaching style blends the fluidity of Vinyasa with the authenticity of Kripalu and the depth of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy to help my students connect to breath, body and self. In addition to teaching group classes and workshops, I specialize in working one-on-one as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist to help students find mind-body relief from stress, anxiety, tension, trauma and limiting patterns.

Ame Wren

I am a dedicated student of both the Iyengar and Ashtanga lineages. Throughout my years as a student I have developed a penchant for mixing methods and classify myself proudly as a “yoga mutt.” My aim as a teacher is to be a conduit for the wisdom of yoga and offer my students an environment in which they can study themselves.  I am indebted to my teachers--- Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor--- for continuing to light my path. I am also deeply thankful for Patricia Walden and Carrie Owerko. My ongoing study informs everything I do and I hope to always remain a curious student and humble teacher.

I am also a writer and academic. In addition to teaching yoga, I moonlight as a Philosophy & Religion professor. I have been featured at TEDx, in Yoga Journal and was awarded the honor of “Best of Boston.” My greatest passion project is directing Boston Yoga School, which has become my community, my passion and my ongoing quest to spread yoga near and far. 

In 2012 I taught the very first class at JPCY. It has remained my home and I am deeply grateful to Daniel, Sejal and the community for giving me space to grow and stretch as a teacher.

Andrea Fotopoulos


I have been practicing asana since 1996 and teaching since 2004. Known for skill, clarity and authenticity, my teaching style is a blend of functional alignment, dynamic movement and inspiration that creates a bridge between the hard work on the mat and off. With a mix of no-nonsense direction and some good ol’ humor, I aim to create space for each student to do their individual work, while also cultivating a strong sense of community to practice within. I am dedicated to making yoga accessible for everybody by making the difficult doable and the doable difficult.

Both my personal practice and teaching style are heavily shaped by the Anusara yoga methodology, Tantric yoga philosophy and ongoing studies with my highly skilled and deeply inspiring teachers: Christina Sell, Desiree Rumbaugh, Darren Rhodes, Noah Maze, Douglas Brooks and all of their teachers and their teachers’ teachers.

I am proud to be from Boston, where I live with my daughter & partner, and our cat Mew. I am also fortunate to have a spunky mom nearby and my sister, nieces and nephews in the area.

Brenna Matthews

I teach because I believe yoga has the potential to widen one's perspective, de-clutter the mind and spirit, and help each person know their innate self worth.

Being an empath (incredibly sensitive person who processes emotions for other people and beings), the world has often times been overwhelming. The practice has saved me many times over and I wish to pass on it's medicine to as many people as possible. 

I am ever an eager student of the practice and have studied many modalities over the years. Most recently I've studied mostly energy, the subtle body, and enhanced intuition work. My classes are a blend of this work along with influences from Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Kundalini yoga traditions.

I have completed an 850+hr massage therapy program at the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy as well as a Level 2 Reiki training. 

Carolyn Little


In my classes I hold a safe, open space, guiding students through an integration of vinyasa, yin, restorative, qi-gong, meditation and pranayama. I encourage students to meet themselves and their practice, with compassion, vulnerability, and a sense of humor. 

As a 500hr RYT, (including certifications in yin yoga and prenatal yoga), along with a graduate degree in Social Justice in Intercultural Relations with a focus in Public Health, I bring a multidisciplinary approach to wellness, empowerment, and leadership shaped by my experiences working and traveling nationally and internationally. 

I am a Reiki Master, Transformational Life Coach, and Shamanic Practitioner. My unique journey has led me to study with indigenous Elders from Columbia, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, and North American (including the tribes of Cherokee, Lakota, Anishinaabe, and Cree). I co-lead retreats with Yona FrenchHawk, a Cherokee Elder and Ceremonialist, who is one of less than 300 remaining full blooded Cherokee who speak and write the native tongue. As a catalyst in bridging these ancient traditions with modern technology across various spaces from yoga studios to western medical and corporate settings, I impart the philosophies of holistic healing, earth based traditions, and the subtle skills of self inquiry and interpersonal relationship.


I also am excited to be creating a series of Nada Yoga albums ("Nada Yoga = the union of sound") collaborating with the many brilliantly talented musicians who have played for my Nada Yoga classes at JPCY over the past 5 years!
For information about me, my retreats, coaching services, or private yoga/meditation sessions please visit 

Carrie Schultz


I first discovered asana when I was in college but for over a decade, it existed in my life only episodically - I would go through bursts of interest and devoted practice, which would then evaporate until the next burst. I was drawn to a lifestyle where I could help others - pursuing volunteer work, working in education, training and working as a doula and social worker. I lived life in a rough-and-tumble style, hooked on philosophy and in constant pursuit of the answers to pressing and tangled-up questions, whether it led me abroad or on a 10-day meditation retreat. Though the going was often tough, I’m so lucky to have experienced and lived through each step as it led me to where I am today.

I have often said that, ultimately, I came to yoga on my knees.

In 2014, a confluence of circumstances and events occurred that fundamentally changed the course of my life. The healing required became my true North. Somewhere inside, I knew I needed something that complemented and supplemented but went beyond the reach of talk therapy and traditional medicine. So, I got on my mat. I began practicing as invisibly as possible in the back of the room at JP Centre Yoga in Boston, beginning to figure out where the pieces were and how I could put them back together. I found the doorway into healing in my body, my breath and the alchemy that arose. I stopped practicing social work, got a job on a farm, and just practiced. And practiced. And practiced. From this seed of healing work, the effects began to ripple outward. And from this focused study of body and breath came a deep connection to Spirit.

I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at JP Centre Yoga with Magi Pierce and Daniel Max - two of my dearest teachers. In juxtaposition to other areas of my life, I have been gifted the opportunity to develop gradually as a yogi and teacher - watching, learning, reflecting. I began to assist weekly studio classes and restorative workshops, assist multiple 200-hr teacher training programs, and teaching weekly classes that have ranged from prenatal to gentle flow to hot power vinyasa.

As I continue to grow as a teacher and forever as a student, I strive to transmit the ancient teachings of yoga with deep abiding respect and humility paying forward all the help that I have received along the way. I hope to offer students safe space to engage and experience their breath, bodies, minds, hearts and spirits developing concrete tools and skills that increase versatility and choice both on the mat and off. Ultimately, it’s not about me - I hope students leave my class feeling a deeper sense of connection with themselves, their own practice and their own sense of meaning.

In addition to teaching yoga, I am the full-time manager of JP Centre Yoga serving our community of students, our teachers, our assistant managers, and our workstudy crew.

Daniel Max

I was first introduced to yogic philosophy while frequenting India in my teenage years. Born and raised in Israel, I left in my early 20s to travel East in search of greater perspective. There I began practicing yoga and meditation and learned to work with my limitations rather than try to over ride them. These practices have supported me ever since and have given me the opportunity to serve others.

I came to the US in 2003 to study holistic health. It is here that I became certified as a shiatsu practitioner, massage therapist, nutrition and health counselor, and yoga instructor. I have been teaching yoga since 2005. 

In 2012 I opened JP Centre Yoga, with my co-founder Sejal Shah, with the vision of creating a community based environment which allows for each individual to go inward, refocus the mind, and cultivate a calming experience.

I have trained predominantly in various schools of Vinyasa as well as in the Anusara tradition and I am currently training in an Iyengar certification program. My yoga classes are delivered as a breath-based vinyasa flow with an emphasis on strength and flexibility within optimal alignment. 

I believe that stillness is achieved as a result of skillful movement and that aligning the body, the breath, and the mind, yield greater awareness. My intention is to set the stage for transformation by providing tools for shifting non-helpful patterns and to teach in reverence to the heritage and philosophy of the yogic path.

Dan Steel

Dan Mayurasana May 2019.jpg

I first started on my yogic path back in 2008 while I was enrolled in an intro to Eastern philosophy course at the Berklee College of Music. My professor at the time sparked my interest in Transcendental Meditation, a technique that has its roots in the yoga tradition, which I learned later that semester. Shortly thereafter I discovered the asana practice. Having a background in martial arts and gymnastics, I was immediately drawn to the physically demanding aspects of the asanas and the focus that it required. Not long after establishing a regular practice, in conjunction with daily meditation, I began to recognize the powerful potential in yoga for healing, self-discovery, and transformation. I believe that the strength, flexibility, and balance cultivated in the body through asana can be reflected in the mind.

Every time one steps onto the yoga mat, there is the opportunity for growth and greater understanding of the self, both physically and spiritually, if the practice is approached with the appropriate degree of attention, patience, and dedication. The more we come to understand ourselves, the more we can act in accordance with our true natures.

I have completed both the Foundational and Advanced trainings with Ana Forrest, a 200 hour vinyasa training with Ame Wren at Back Bay Yoga, and studied Budokon Yoga with Cameron Shayne. In addition to my continued yoga studies and practice, I am training in the system of Z-Health (a fitness system inspired by current neuroscience that focuses on improving the connection between brain and body). In my classes I strive to offer a platform upon which students can explore and develop a heightened sense of body awareness, control and overall focus.


David Knight

Shiatsu Practitioner

David Knight has been an AOBTA certified practitioner of Zen Shiatsu since 2003. 

shiatsu Dave.jpg

Zen shiatsu, developed by Shizuto Masunaga, has roots in both the traditional Japanese understanding of the body’s energetic system (as used by acupuncturists) and in the Western understanding of our emotional life (Masunaga was a professor of Psychology at the University of Kyoto) and the effect our feelings have on our health and well being.

By finding and releasing areas of tension and relieving pain and stiffness through direct touch, pairing specific pressure points, and gentle limb stretching and movement, Shiatsu treatments can help settle our emotions and bring us to a state of deep relaxation so our Ki (energy), can move without obstruction.

David combines his knowledge of human body (as a martial arts practitioner and teacher of long standing as well as a bodyworker) and his understanding of the energetic anatomy (from years of ongoing training with Masters in Shiatsu, TuiNa, and Acupressure), to craft an individualized treatment for each client appropriate to their needs.

Please visit his website:

Esther Yi

Esther Asana Shot.jpg

Yoga brings harmony, purpose, and gratitude into my life. Although my intentions of getting into the practice were at first purely physical, they have gradually evolved over the years into a more of a process of mental and spiritual awakening. Through yoga, I am able to truly understand and appreciate the interconnected relationship between the mind and body. Yearning to share the healing benefits of yoga, I decided to embark on the never-ending journey of becoming a teacher to educate others on this practice. I acquired my 200-Hour RYT Certification led by Ame Wren, Joanna Benevides, and Brenna Matthews with the Boston Yoga School. I am forever grateful for all the inspiration, guidance, and wisdom my teachers provide as I continually refine myself as an educator and student everyday.

My goal as a teacher is to be able to provide a sacred, welcoming space of non-judgment where students are able to explore the depths of their mind-body connection through intentional movement, safe alignment, and mindful breathing. Emphasizing that yoga is a personal journey one takes, I hope to inspire and guide my students to trust the wisest teacher the universe has to offer - themselves.

Thank you to my former, current, and future students for the endless lessons and consistent reminders as to why I love what I do.

Evalyn Mehta


Yoga for Healthy Aging

I began practicing yoga to alleviate the stress from working in corporate settings and the fact that for a number of years, had been unhappy with the imbalance in my life.  As my practice became stronger, I realized that yoga was the path I wanted to follow and wished to share my passion for yoga with others, as an instructor. I completed both a 200 hr. certification in Prana Vinyasa flow with Shiva Rea and a 500 hr. certification with Barbara Benagh in Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on Yoga anatomy.  My teaching continues to be informed by the talented yoga instructors in the Boston area, Ame Wren, Alana Brennan and Daniel Max. 

I discovered yoga at the age of  52 and earned strength and flexibility in each of the postures through practice and patience. Now, teaching this practice for over a decade, I offer all the benefits of movement while reflecting the levels and needs of each student. Modifications are offered when necessary as a way to keep the joints healthy, the muscles supple, and vitality strong.

Jessica Pate


I found yoga looking for a new physical practice after finishing a decade-long swimming career. But after after stepping out of my first class, I realized that the practice provided me with tools to guide much more than just my physical body. Inspired by the impact yoga had on my life, I completed 200 hour and 500 hour trainings with the Boston Yoga School and also am certified to teach children's yoga. 

I continue to play the role of both student and teacher and am grateful for the insight my teachers provide. I draw inspiration and connection from many different movement modalities and am currently studying Iyengar Yoga with Nikki Costello, Lara Warren, and Patricia Walden. In addition to my yoga studies, I also am a physiologist and hold two Masters of Science degrees in Exercise Physiology and Human Physiology.  I've conducted research on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as the physiological responses to yoga and other forms of exercise. 

My classes are a reflection of how I approach my practice: deliberate, but not too serious. I believe yoga is a framework to discover freedom in the body, mind, and spirit. As a movement enthusiast, I tend to explore postures in unique ways to shed light on our patterns and habits.  By learning to pay attention to the many different languages of the body, we begin to tap into our own, intuitive knowledge and develop respect for our internal and external states in each moment. By practicing with both devotion and curiosity, I believe the practice provides us with a fresh, open sense of wonder, and a place to find freedom in a relaxed wakefulness.  More info: 

Johnathon Holmes


I took my first yoga class on a whim. I had just moved to Boston and noticed that many people seemed to have yoga mats surgically attached to their back when walking down the street—what was all this about? Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I signed up for a 2-hour Iyengar class at my gym; three blankets, two blocks, and one strap later, I fell in love. Yoga asked me to move in a way that was completely foreign and I left class that evening eager for more. The benefits of the yoga practice were immediate, and it was clear that a profound internal shift had taken place.

I completed my 200-hour teacher training with the Boston Yoga School, directed by Ame Wren. I currently study with and am inspired by Tim Kelleher, Brenna Matthews, and Peter Crowley. Linking breath and movement seems so simple, yet has such a profound effect when practiced with purpose. As a registered nurse, I’m also interested in how the regular practice of yoga can help my students cultivate physical, emotional, and spiritual health. My class is an expression of my love for playfulness and structure. I aim to provide a space where students of all skill levels and background can find stability, play with their edge, and create space to let a little more light in.

Kate Murray

Kate 2.jpg

I started practicing yoga in 2013 and over the years yoga has served as a path of growth and has also always led me to be part of a community of like-minded individuals which has undoubtedly been a factor in fostering my growth. Drawn to psychology academically, I was relieved to find the practice of yoga which allowed me to begin to explore and gain insight into myself in a way I was never taught before. I completed my teacher training with BYS in Syracuse and it wasn’t long after, that I started handling my relationships, life choices and challenges I was facing differently.

After moving to Boston, I quickly found JPCY and I am grateful to this community for giving me a sense of ‘home’ in a new place. I am now one of the assistant managers here and I feel honored to be a part of this community where I know I will continue to grow and be able to contribute to a space that I know so many people love and cherish just as I do.

Kathy Tarnoff


As a competitive half-marathon runner, I sought out new ways to enhance my training. This is when I was introduced to my first yoga class. After 90 minutes of sweating and breathing on my mat I came away completely overwhelmed with excitement, curiosity and joy. I had found a missing piece to my wellness/fitness—inner well-being. Then one day I got hurt running….I had to hang up my running shoes to heal and began focusing my attention on yoga. After a few weeks of living on my mat and off the road, I noticed the aches and pains were disappearing and I felt better overall. I didn’t need the pounding of running to feel good anymore.

Following years of intensive practice and the completion of the Forrest Yoga teacher training, I developed a new outlook on wellness, one that included both the shell of the body and the inner self. Along with core strength and overall health, I also gained the ability to speak my truth, to feel within, and to be grounded.

During my initial years of my yoga practice I was introduced to craniosacral therapy, the perfect addition to my yoga practice as it continued the journey inward. Yoga and craniosacral work have enabled me to decrease pain relating to old athletic injuries and the daily aches of being active. Noticing how this combination has improved my quality of life, I wanted to offer the same relief to others and began and have continued studying with Hugh Milne in Berkeley, CA for Visionary Craniosacral Therapy. I have supplemented my background by studying Anatomy, Asana and Therapeutics with Judith Lasater, Functional Anatomy with Ellen Heed and Anatomy Trains with Eli Thompson.

My classes include aspects of Forrest, Iyengar and Vinayasa in both private and studio settings. They are designed to help students develop an overall sense of strength and well-being with an emphasis on inner awareness and what one’s body needs. Whether for beginners, advanced yogis, or athletes, I create dynamic classes that are safe, engaging and challenging.

Kristina Clemons


I have spent much of my life studying movement both as a past time and a profession. In my early years, I was a classically trainer ballet dancer in Georgia. That segued into a long stint in New York City where I began studying yoga (2004) and later teaching yoga (2010). My training includes Vinyasa, Iyengar, Physiyoga, Ayurveda, and Sound Therapy. I moved to Boston in 2014 and have been getting to know (and growing within) the community since then! For me, the practice and teachings of yoga can heal and sustain on all levels from the outer physical layer in to the depths of the Self. It is this work of diving deep that keeps me coming back to my mat and returning to my teachers. With an extensive movement background, I am able to incorporate different modalities to fit the needs of the individual or group; my public classes use the Vinyasa framework and often focus on form and alignment so that there can eventually be freedom within movement and a path to clarity. For more information, please visit

Lindsy Somers

Lindsy Somers 4.JPG

Lindsy is a Boston native, a former competitive gymnast and cheerleader and has been teaching yoga since 2014. She is a 500hr certified yoga teacher, and has studied under the guidance of teachers around Boston, including Ame Wren, Daniel Max and Tim Kelleher.

Through her kind heart, playful flows and inquisitive direction, Lindsy holds space for seekers of movement, discovery and the satisfaction of a deep breath. She is deeply fond of the exploratory nature of asana, and believes in being versatile. Her classes are inspired both by the structure and stability of alignment, as well as the watery, heartfelt nature of a good flow.

In addition to bringing awareness and health in the body, Lindsy trusts in yogas ability to bring stability in the mind, peace in the spirit, and love in the heart. She is a devoted student to the practice and, as a teacher, her goal is to channel the wisdom she has gained through her advanced studies to anybody and every-body ready to dive in.

Marisa Donlin


I’m a Master’s-prepared Acupuncture mama known for my gentle needle technique and comforting bedside manner. After more than seven years as the owner of Newton Center Acupuncture, I’m excited to finally bring my work home to JP as Blue Fire Acupuncture.

Even after delivering thousands of treatments over the years, I still love to witness the unique response each person has to the individualized approach Chinese Medicine offers. Acupuncture rocks. This is what I love about this medicine – you get the best of both worlds. Well designed scientific studies support its efficacy and many aspects remain unexplained but still extremely effective in helping people restore health in their bodies.

My approach to acupuncture is an individualized partnership between practitioner and patient. I create and hold space in the treatment room in a calm and healing way. Your comfort and relaxation is my priority. By asking the right questions at the right time, I help you make profound connections between your lifestyle and your symptoms. I have extensive experience with women’s health, fertility, cancer support, and ptsd.

I am so excited to share the power of Chinese Medicine with the people of this community that I feel so lucky to call my neighbors.

Matt Rutkowski


I completed my 200-hour, Yoga Alliance-registered training with Inner Strength Studios in the Spring of 2012. I have also studied the craft of adjusting and assisting with Lauren Star, Daniel Max and Vyda Bielkus, as well as the Shiva Rea-crafted module “Mandala of Asanas”, delivered by Chanel Luck. I am currently completing a Bachelor’s of Music at UMass Boston. Forever a student!

It is with this curiosity and thirst for understanding that I approach the mat. I would love to prepare you to explore the possibilities of the physical body, enjoy the sensations afforded to one by tuning into the breath, and shed the misconceptions that playtime is just for kids.