Ame Wren

My yoga practice began, as it does for so many, in early adulthood. Throughout my years as a student I have developed a penchant for mixing methods and classify myself as a “yoga mutt.” My aim as a teacher is to be a conduit for the wisdom of yoga and offer my students an environment in which they can study themselves. 

I am a dedicated student of both the Iyengar and Ashtanga lineages. I am indebted to my teachers--- Richard Freeman and Patricia Walden--- for continuing to show me the path of a yogi. My ongoing study informs everything I do and I hope to always remain a curious student and humble teacher.

In addition to my yoga teaching, I am a writer, public speaker and academic. I study the intersection of religion, spirituality and contemporary culture. I have been featured at TEDx, in Yoga Journal and was awarded the honor of “Best of Boston.” My greatest passion project is directing Boston Yoga School. 

In 2012 I taught the very first class at JPCY. It has remained my home and I am deeply grateful to Daniel, Sejal and the community for giving me space to grow and stretch as a teacher.