Kathy Tarnoff


As a competitive half-marathon runner, I sought out new ways to enhance my training. This is when I was introduced to my first yoga class. After 90 minutes of sweating and breathing on my mat I came away completely overwhelmed with excitement, curiosity and joy. I had found a missing piece to my wellness/fitness—inner well-being. Then one day I got hurt running….I had to hang up my running shoes to heal and began focusing my attention on yoga. After a few weeks of living on my mat and off the road, I noticed the aches and pains were disappearing and I felt better overall. I didn’t need the pounding of running to feel good anymore.

Following years of intensive practice and the completion of the Forrest Yoga teacher training, I developed a new outlook on wellness, one that included both the shell of the body and the inner self. Along with core strength and overall health, I also gained the ability to speak my truth, to feel within, and to be grounded.

During my initial years of my yoga practice I was introduced to craniosacral therapy, the perfect addition to my yoga practice as it continued the journey inward. Yoga and craniosacral work have enabled me to decrease pain relating to old athletic injuries and the daily aches of being active. Noticing how this combination has improved my quality of life, I wanted to offer the same relief to others and began and have continued studying with Hugh Milne in Berkeley, CA for Visionary Craniosacral Therapy. I have supplemented my background by studying Anatomy, Asana and Therapeutics with Judith Lasater, Functional Anatomy with Ellen Heed and Anatomy Trains with Eli Thompson.

My classes include aspects of Forrest, Iyengar and Vinayasa in both private and studio settings. They are designed to help students develop an overall sense of strength and well-being with an emphasis on inner awareness and what one’s body needs. Whether for beginners, advanced yogis, or athletes, I create dynamic classes that are safe, engaging and challenging.