Magi Pierce

Teacher Training Faculty

I am known for astute sequencing and precise cueing. Within a frame of breath and intention, I build a solid structure using the details of anatomy. I facilitate a self-study through the practice by highlighting the subtleties of each posture. The more I study anatomy, the more I step back in awe of the human form.

Having lived and taught in Boston, NYC is now my home since 2010. I teach at Life in Motion on the Upper West Side and Kula Yoga Project in Tribeca and Williamsburg, where I am also on the teacher training and mentoring faculty.

I’ve studied with many inspiring teachers along the way: most recently asana with Genny Kapuler and James Murphy and anatomy with Tom Myers and Todd Garcia. I am eternally grateful to have found my passion and for all those teachers who continue to inspire my path.

I am so thrilled to be collaborating with Daniel on JPCY’s teacher training and spending more time with the JPCY community. More info can be found at