Sejal Shah


Co-founder of JP Centre Yoga, I have spent the last 7 years as a Radiologist at BIDMC while living in Jamaica Plain. Boston is my home though I have strong family roots in NY as well as India. I  have spent much of my life on the academic ladder with 12 years of  post-graduate training leading to my current position as Instructor of  Radiology at Harvard Medical School.

Somewhere along the way, however, the pace of day to day life accelerated and moments became complicated by agenda and expectation. Feeling content was not in my repertoire. The imbalance had me wondering what to do.

Following my friends to South Boston Yoga changed all that. Nothing  in my medical training prepared me for the physical and mental shifts  that ensued. Lets just say, I learned to breathe in light and purge out  angst… resulting in a happier healthier Sejal.

Opening a yoga studio in JP started out as a daydream. JP is my chosen home and has always seemed like the ideal space for a yoga community to grow. Once the seed was planted, all it needed was a little love and it practically grew itself…. (Kudos to JPCY co-founder Daniel Max).

I love my job as a physician and take immense pride in the work. I look forward to expanding my role in healthcare… by bringing JPCY to my community I hope to foster a larger sense of well-being.