Monica Trobagis


My fascination with yoga began in a college class on Indian religion and philosophy. That one class spiraled into 3 years exploring Eastern traditions - Buddhism, Hinduism and Daoism. Through those years of study and guidance from influential teachers, my practice grew from the philosophical to the physical. In 2012, I completed my 200 hour training at Yoga Vida in New York City. Since then, I have laid down roots in Boston and have continued my training with Ame Wren and the Boston Yoga School. I am grateful for all my teachers who have offered me guidance as a teacher and as a practitioner. 

My teaching has an alignment based approach that serves to refine poses and hone awareness. My teaching has an alignment based approach that serves to refine poses and hone awareness. Moreover, I believe teaching is an art in and of itself. Not only do I love yoga, I love to teach!  

Yoga is a gift that I love and cherish. It has provided me with endless opportunities to explore the mind and the body. One door opens and there are 100 more behind it. Through the practice we can talk about anything from the structural integrity of joints to the philosophies of the mind - oh what fun!

Nadine Channaoui


I started practicing yoga at the beginning of a Fulbright grant term in South America. At that point in my life, I had received a variety of accolades in recognition of academic rigor, competitive gymnastics performance, and leadership participation throughout my youth. From its onset, my yoga practice became a coveted space to process the huge amount of input and exertion that made up my daily life. I was quickly captivated by the depth of sensitivity I experienced while practicing yoga. When I was just a couple of months into my yoga practice, I remember being asked what I loved about yoga; my response was that I loved how I could feel things I had never felt before. In retrospect, what I was trying to articulate was that I loved feeling and seeing more and more of myself.  It is this infinite exposure to the deeper layers of self, and inevitably the resilience and luminosity that exists there, that continues to motivate my yogic journey today.
I acknowledge that there can be a myriad of personal and societal obstacles to start, re-start, or continue a yoga practice even when the desire to do so is present. I hope to facilitate an environment that welcomes people exactly as they are with simultaneous encouragement to explore experiences with compassion, attentiveness, and curiosity. My approach to asana (postural) instruction is increasingly influenced by the Iyengar method. I also infuse emotionally and energetically contemplative aspects of restorative and yin styles of yoga. I have completed both 200- and 300-hour yoga teacher trainings and assist the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training run by Boston Yoga School.
Aside from yoga, I work part-time as a cancer genetic counselor. I obtained my Master of Science in Genetic Counseling from Boston University School of Medicine in 2013. As a genetic counselor, I am attuned to working with clients one-on-one and have knowledge of numerous genetic conditions, particularly hereditary cancer syndromes. I also understand the complexity of the medical field and the demands of being a health care provider. Correspondingly, I hope to use my experience as a yoga teacher and genetic counselor to advocate for self-care in the health care field.

Nina Reis

Two things get me excited about teaching and practicing yoga:

Nina Reis 4.jpg
  1. the introspection and study of your Self

  2. the ability to help relieve pain in the body, mind and spirit

Yoga is an exceptional practice that takes diligence, fortitude, and a desire to change. It is not always a remarkable moment, with levitation, enlightenment, rainbows and sunshine. That’s what motherhood is for - ha ha. However, I have found yoga to be a subtle practice that creates self awareness, strength, flexibility, and if I am lucky, grace. When that grace permeates into the rest of my daily life, I know my practice is working well.

I started a regular practice in 2002 and completed my first teacher training in 2004. My training spans across various traditions including: vinyasa, restorative, and Katonah yoga. Equally influencing my teachings are physical therapy, positional therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Christianity and an overarching interest in wellness. Infusing various elements from these disciplines, I teach a powerful class that entrusts the student to be their best teacher.

My only goal as a teacher is that students just might walk out of class, more grounded, clear headed, patient and energized. If that amazing feat is accomplished, I feel I’ve done something valuable.

Prior to teaching yoga, I worked as an interior designer for over 12 years. Six of them, I operated my own company. I have spent some time traveling the world (but not nearly enough) some of my favorite places being Australia, Turkey, and Argentina. Nowadays, you can find me at the Arnold arboretum walking my rescue pup, Chip, or whipping up dinner in my kitchen. I enjoy watching college sports on Saturdays, and sewing garments in the wee hours of the night. Most days, I’m holding the fort down at home, practicing the “yoga” of being a mom, and meditating before my two kids slide-tackle me from behind or someone (my husband) asks, “where are my slippers?”.

Rachael Junard

Rachel Junard W2 image.jpg

I found yoga in a hot Bikram room the summer I turned 18. For 90 minutes, three times a week, I felt transformed. Form that summer on, I found myself bouncing from yoga studio to yoga studio taking advantage of new student deals and trying everything from vinyasa to restorative and yin flows. My yoga practice has helped me learn about myself and what I can offer others. I truly believe that yoga is for everybody and every body. Since completing my 200 hour training in April 2017, I have found great joy teaching in studios, outdoors and any space possible. In my spare time I help co run a collective, You Good, Sis, which is aimed at creating a space for black and brown women in Boston to center physical, spiritual and mental wellness. My mission overall is to make yoga and wellness more accessible!

Sejal Shah


Co-founder of JP Centre Yoga, I have spent the last 7 years as a Radiologist at BIDMC while living in Jamaica Plain. Boston is my home though I have strong family roots in NY as well as India. I  have spent much of my life on the academic ladder with 12 years of  post-graduate training leading to my current position as Instructor of  Radiology at Harvard Medical School.

Somewhere along the way, however, the pace of day to day life accelerated and moments became complicated by agenda and expectation. Feeling content was not in my repertoire. The imbalance had me wondering what to do.

Following my friends to South Boston Yoga changed all that. Nothing  in my medical training prepared me for the physical and mental shifts  that ensued. Lets just say, I learned to breathe in light and purge out  angst… resulting in a happier healthier Sejal.

Opening a yoga studio in JP started out as a daydream. JP is my chosen home and has always seemed like the ideal space for a yoga community to grow. Once the seed was planted, all it needed was a little love and it practically grew itself…. (Kudos to JPCY co-founder Daniel Max).

I love my job as a physician and take immense pride in the work. I look forward to expanding my role in healthcare… by bringing JPCY to my community I hope to foster a larger sense of well-being.

Shakti Eskina

Massage Therapist


I believes we all chose to be embodied in this lifetime. It is our bodies that provide us with access to life and wisdom. Through various body-focused practices, such as yoga we can deeply connect to our full being-ness. Our light and our darkness, parts that work and parts that don’t, and remember they are all welcome here.

I believe people are the territory and yoga is a map. The route one chooses to take is completely their choice, as is their experience. Yoga is not the right way to go, but a path of self-exploration.

I have a background in anatomy, somatics, yin, pre-natal, and meditation, and is always learning from her own body and others’. I am also a licensed massage therapist and practice somatic body-work, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy, and intuitive healing. Learn more about me at

Shuli Burke

A spiritual seeker from a young age, I’ve always been intrigued by the mystique of Eastern philosophies and religions. After serving in the Israeli Defense Forces as an infantry combat field instructor, I was looking to experience greater peace. This renewed sense of freedom led me on an extensive and profound journey through Southeast Asia, namely India, and to the study of yoga. Over the years, I’ve studied several styles of yoga starting with Sivananda and Anusara, and, in more recent years, Prana Flow and Ashtanga yoga.

My passion for yoga and meditation did not end with my travels. As a clinical psychology graduate student at Columbia University in NYC I focused my studies on positive psychology and the psychology of spirituality through the Spirituality & Mind/Body Institute at Columbia. During my time there, I assisted my mentor Dr. Lisa Miller, Director of the institute, on a study examining mindfulness meditation and how it may help reduce professional burnout.

It’s during this time in NYC that I also discovered the world of Vinyasa yoga, a dynamic and exciting form of “flow” style yoga and fell in love all over again! I earned my 200-hour yoga certification with Sonic Yoga, under Lauren Hanna and Johanna Bell. Tying it all together, I wrote my final grad school thesis on the benefits of yoga for postpartum depression.

For the past few years, I’ve been studying with internationally renowned teacher and muse Shiva Rea, whom I am also honored to assist. I completed a 500-hour Prana Flow training with Shiva, as well as a 200-hour Ayurvedic Life Style Consultant training with Maria Garre, a faculty member at the Ayurvedic Institute under Dr. Lad.

Off the mat, I’m a passionate world traveler. I’ve spent time working and volunteering abroad and spent the last decade living in Miami, London, Hawaii, NYC and now in the great city of Boston! I love to laugh and make people feel good. My goal is for yoga practice to feel like an adventure, an enjoyable exploration, and an opportunity to let go and flow regardless of level or experience. In my classes, I incorporate my knowledge of positive psychology, mindful living, movement meditation, martial arts, and Ayurveda to make practice a fun, sweaty, and transformative experience. My classes aim to balance hard work with internal reflection and relaxation.

Always a student of yoga first, I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to have learned from so many wonderful teachers along the path and from the amazing community of Boston yoga teachers. I’m honored to be a brand ambassador for Natural Fitness and YogaEarth. For more info please visit Jai!

Ştefan Dinescu

Stefan Dinescu Lotus.JPG

I took my first yoga class on a whim to try a new kind of exercise, and that whim has changed the course of my career and life into one of constant self-study and growth. I was working primarily as a middle school Spanish teacher and I found myself taking class everyday as a way to keep in shape and disconnect from work at the now-closed Karma Revolution Studio, Boston’s only pay-what-you-can studio at the time. I trained in the Forrest and Dharma styles of yoga with Arem and Andrew Tanner, with whom I later took my first introductory yoga philosophy courses. I was inspired by their supportive and encouraging transmission, and I fell in love with their community and studio that privileged having students come and practice rather than worry about the fee. Now hooked on delving deeper into the study of yoga, I went on to complete my 200-hour teacher training in the Hatha tradition in Spain and I took a job at a high school where I could teach Spanish, yoga asana, and yogic philosophy courses.

My love for teaching is aligned with and inspired by my love for learning and being a student. During the past many years teaching yoga to adolescents in the Boston area, I have deepened my practice in sequencing and assisting workshops with master teachers from the Fluid School of Yoga, Boston Yoga School and South Boston Yoga. I completed the Seat of a Teacher series with the Boston Yoga School with Ame Wren and in June, 2019, I will finish my 300-hour advanced teacher training with BYS at JP Centre Yoga with Ame and Daniel Max.

Students have described my classes as challenging yet grounding. I aim to create an environment where everyone is welcome to explore their practice with a mindset of meditative “lila”, or joyful play. Because my interests and my personal practice are so diverse, I can say my teaching is always evolving to better meld meditation, breathwork and joyful movement so that a student feels invited to explore a deeper connection to themselves with every practice.

Taylor Young

Taylor Young - Dancer Prep.JPG

For me, yoga is a map for being in the world. I am as much in this process as any client I work with, or student I teach. I am an integrative therapist and yoga teacher, and offer public and private yoga classes, as well as individual psychotherapy, consultation, and training in my private practice. I describe my work as integrative, meaning I believe in tending to the physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual elements of human experience. I believe that yoga is a coalescence of many gifts, but above all, a method for introspection and self-study. As a therapist and yoga teacher, I believe in empowering people from the inside out. In my teaching, I aim to help individuals access their innate wisdom, self-compassion, vitality, resources, and be the agent in their own healing.

I attained my 200-hour yoga teaching certification under the guidance of Ame Wren through Boston Yoga School. I completed over 100 hours of yoga therapy training and mentorship with Kate Graham through Soulful Yoga Therapy. I am grateful for my many teachers and mentors along this path.